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Welcome Parents and Guardians!
to Johnston Middle School and Mr. Barber's World Cultures class!
I am excited about having each of your children in the World Cultures class this year.  I am looking forward to being a guide on your child's adventures through new lands, customs, and ideas as we navigate along this exciting, worldwide journey.  I know that you care about your child's education or you would not be on this website now.  I am happy to be able to work with parents and guardians that show this kind of interest in their child's education.  Thank you for your help and support. 
Parent/Guardian Email Registration Request
I would most appreciate providing me with your email address.  This will aid in smooth parent-teacher communication.
Just send a simple email--from the email account that you wish for me to register your name--to and you will be inputted into my email address book.  Please include the following information in the email:
1.  Name of student
2.  Class period that your student has Mr. Barber's class.
3.  Your name
4.  Your daytime telephone or cell phone number
Thank you for taking this extra time to aid in smooth communication and your child's education.
Field Trip Chaperones Needed!
We need parents, guardians and significant adults to chaperone during our field trips.  If you are interested, please send me an email and I will gratefully put your name on the list.  Also, to insure the safety of all of our students HISD requires a criminal background check of all chaperones.  Just go to the front office of Johnston with a picture ID, and let them know that you would like to be a chaperone.  They will do the rest.
Thank you for helping support all our students' education by providing this valuable field experience.